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Clarksville recently adopted a single flat fee of $140 for its residential new construction plumbing permits. 

The change came at the request of local plumbers who convinced Clarksville building and codes and the city council that a flat fee, similar to the rate structure at the Montgomery County codes office, would simplify the fees and help plumbers by establishing a regional standard.

Plumbers lobbied the Clarksville Gas and Plumbing Board for the change. The council approved the ordinance March 5 that changed the city code to the flat fee.

Previously, the permit fee could vary based on the number of fixtures or drains planned in a new home. Permits should be gotten before building starts, and sometimes – especially in large, custom homes – the number of fixtures could change during construction. Then, during inspections the difference would be found, resulting in fee changes, adding more steps and inspections for both the contractor and building and codes.

The flat fee will streamline the process, and the predictability will allow plumbers to be more precise when they prepare bids on new construction projects.

City building and codes concluded the change to a $140 flat fee for permits would be revenue neutral and benefit both the department and local plumbers.

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