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Cheri Reeves

Have you spent at least one day this week eating together with the whole family? 

If you live within a family unit, you’ve likely had many meals together. 

How’s that working out? 

During the past several days, I’ve been interested in listening to people within the community talk about the upheaval they’ve faced due to our social distancing guidelines. 

It seems everyone has a different story, so I thought I would share mine. 

I was so looking forward to traveling to Florida this year during spring break to see my folks. 

Back in January, my teenage son, Carlin, and I booked our flight for March 21. 

My parents, both 81, face a dangerous risk with coming down with COVID-19. I realize we all do, but especially with the elderly, the danger is even scarier. 

The risk of Carlin and I going through airports, speaking with people at the counters and walking into my parents’ home once we arrive would be too much of a risk, we felt, so we canceled our trip.  

The risk would be not only to them, but also for us. 

Even if we did travel without incident, once we arrived, what would there be to do? 

Florida has closed many beaches, restaurants and amusement parks. Shopping with my mom would be out. We would be visiting my parents in their living room, which would be nice … for about a day or two. 

Then, what? 

The “what” is what we are doing now, right here in Clarksville.

We are keeping up with the same routines as everyone else it seems – confined to our homes and making the best of a situation that has tremendously limited our day-to-day activities outside of the house. 

My husband, Chris, and I have two of our four children at home with Carlin, a junior at Rossview High School and Mason, a senior at Trevecca University in Nashville. 

Let me encourage you to work hard, as we are trying to do, at making the days spent together ones that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

Slow down and focus on valuing this family time. 

Take time today to go for a walk, play a board game, drive around our beautiful county or cross a bridge over the Cumberland River and back. 

Our family bonds will hopefully be strengthened during our hours spent together over the next month or so.

While the goal to spend at least one meal a day together with the whole family may have seemed like a big task at one time, now, we’re eating multiple meals together every single day. 

And, Lord willing, these measures will help keep our community members healthy and slow down the spread of COVID-19 here in Montgomery County. 

Cheri Reeves is a reporter for Main Street Clarksville.Email her at

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