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The Montgomery County Health Department operates a drive-thru testing site for coronavirus for people who have symptoms of COVID-19. 

The number of Montgomery County COVID-19 cases rose to six Wednesday and included one child, according to health officials. 

The child diagnosed with the virus is a student at East Montgomery Elementary School, according to a message released from the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System last Friday. 

School officials said the Montgomery County Health Department announced it received notification from the Tennessee Department of Health it had a confirmed case of a child who tested positive with COVID-19. 

“As part of its protocol, the county's disease investigation team made successful contact with the mother of the individual who tested positive,” the schools’ release said. “While interviewing the mother of the child, the health department learned that the child attends East Montgomery Elementary School and was present for a half day on March 12.”

People who had contact with the student have had resources made available to them from the Montgomery County Health Department, which is reportedly working to ensure that all people at risk of infection from the case are identified so they can be contacted.

The Tennessee Department of Health releases the latest number of COVID-19 cases from each county daily on its website. 

On Wednesday, there were 667 cases confirmed in Tennessee, including six in Montgomery County. The child is one of nine Tennessee children 10 or younger confirmed with coronavirus so far. 

The largest bracket is 193 cases for ages 21-30, according to

Area testing for COVID-19

Anyone who calls his or her medical provider and mentions they are sick and may need to be tested, they can triage and assess the condition and arrange to do a nasal pharyngeal swab for coronavirus if the person has COVID-19 symptoms, according to area health officials. 

Montgomery County Public Health Department director Joey Smith said medical personnel follow the same protocol with testing for COVID-19 they practice with any other sickness, meaning that tests are given based on symptoms. 

Coronavirus symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath, and people who have the symptoms will be tested for the virus.

“If we swabbed people who are just curious with no symptoms, that could put undue strain on the health-care system, slow the process of getting lab test results and could put people at higher risk,” Smith said in a release from the county. “The [Montgomery] County Health Department and other medical facilities are triaging and assessing people who come through the doors, but do not conduct nasal swabs for persons who do not exhibit the symptoms.”

Smith said local medical providers can provide nose or nasal pharyngeal swabs that are sent out to a lab for COVID-19 testing for those who exhibit the symptoms described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Once tested, a patient who presents the symptoms is asked to self-quarantine until his or her results are returned. 

The Montgomery County Health Department operates a drive-thru testing site for coronavirus for people who have symptoms. 

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