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UT Extension has resources for Tennesseans facing job or income loss due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

KNOXVILLE—The coronavirus pandemic is causing rapid changes to daily lives and the economy. 

Work hours are reduced, and jobs are cut across many industries. University of Tennessee Extension released three new publications to help those who face a downturn to their personal finances.  

“UT Extension is here to serve Tennesseans, in times of plenty and in times of want,” said Christopher T. Sneed, consumer economics specialist with UT Extension. “These three publications are especially helpful when encountering difficult circumstances.”

“Triaging Your Debt During a Money Crunch” gives guidance to people who need to determine their spending priorities. The publication divides expenses into three levels, first priority, second priority and optional.

“Identifying Your Resources” can help people brainstorm different areas where they could receive help or support. The publication also includes a brainstorming activity for families to consider how they could possibly produce income.

“Steps to Stabilize Your Financial Situation” provides guidance on how to prioritize spending and set limits, identify and evaluate resources and contact creditors when facing a difficult financial situation. The publication also includes community resource contact information and suggestions to follow when contacting lending institutions or banks.

Each of the publications are available free to read or download from the UT Extension website at To get a copy, click on the publications link in the menu bar and enter the publication name or number in the search bar.

For other financial resources for families who are struggling to make ends meet or for recommendations on how to handle a difficult financial season, contact a local county UT Extension office.

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