Florim USA

Florim USA officials announced Wednesday that the porcelain floor and wall tile manufacturer will expand operations at its facility in Clarksville.

Florim USA will invest roughly $35 million and create more than 30 new jobs to expand and increase all operations. The expansion will include construction of a new administration building and showroom, and the addition of technologically advanced manufacturing machinery to increase not only production capabilities, but also the range of product offerings, which will allow for a 100 percent U.S.-manufactured product. Florim USA will also invest in additional tile crusher machinery to recycle fired scrap metal back into production.

Florim USA’s Clarksville facility consists of the following highly automated operations: body preparation, glaze preparation, pressing, glazing, kiln, rectification, polishing, selection and packaging. The process is considered “closed-loop” with 100 percent of the water and 95 percent of all production waste generated throughout the operations recycled back through the system.

The American subsidiary of Florim Group, based in Italy, Florim USA is one of the largest and most technologically advanced porcelain tile facilities in North America. Florim USA is one of over 40 Italian-owned establishments in Tennessee that employ more than 4,800 Tennesseans.

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