Confectionery delights await you at Golly G’s Coffee, Ice Cream and Sweets in Sango, for those who are looking to cure their sweet tooth with freshly baked homemade goodies that are made in-house daily.

Gigantic cinnamon rolls, decorated holiday sugar cookies, enormous chocolate chip cookies, wedding cake squares and homemade ice creams are some of the scrumptious treats to be found when visiting Golly G’s. Specialty lattes, coffees and cappuccinos are also on the menu, a perfect pairing with so many tantalizing pastries.

When I ordered my two cinnamon rolls, I truly had no idea how epically giant these cinnamon rolls would be. They had just sold out when I arrived, but a fresh batch was baking right then, if I didn’t mind waiting a few minutes. I sipped my steaming hot peppermint mocha latte while I waited, enjoying the quiet as I mentally prepared to go home and delve into remote learning with a first grader.

When my order arrived beautifully boxed and ready to go, I just had to see the goodies inside. I opened the box and was floored. These were the most devilishly huge cinnamon rolls I had ever seen in my entire life. Generously doused with homemade white icing, the aromas of cinnamon were just radiating from the box.  There was no way I was waiting until I got home to take a bite of one of these babies. These cinnamon rolls were packed with all the delicious flavors of fresh-baked cinnamon, wrapped in soft, warm pastry and topped off with the white icing that gave the perfect hit of sweet to the buns. Sinfully delicious and more than enough to share, just ordering one would be enough for two people. 

Then there are the homemade ice creams. Made fresh on site, the ice cream case is big with a long list of flavors. With options like the triple fudge brownie, salty caramel and cotton candy, there are lots of flavors to choose from if you are looking for a cool treat. Golly G’s has traditional offerings too, like the three-scoop milkshake, banana splits and hot fudge sundaes.

If you are looking for a good bite to eat, Golly G’s also has you covered with a small lunch menu. With items like the likes of grilled cheese, chicken salad sandwiches or a grilled pimento cheese with bacon sandwich, any of which can be upgraded to a combo with chips and a drink.

Prices at Golly G’s are a fantastic selling point, as well, with all the listed menu items coming in at less than $10. I was able to get two amazing cinnamon rolls, two huge M&M chip cookies and a 16-ounce specialty coffee for right at $20.

And on a final note, the service here was simply fantastic. The young women working at Golly G’s guided me on my choices, made great recommendations and answered all of my questions with genuine warmth and exceptional menu knowledge.

Golly G’s is at 2622 Madison St. in Clarksville with two other locations in Pleasant View and Greenbrier.

Teresa Filgis reviews restaurants and other businesses for Main Street Clarksville. She is a native Clarksvillian and has worked in the Clarksville restaurant and food scene for more than 20 years. She can be reached at

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