Morrow and family

Brad Morrow is running as the Republican candidate for CMCSS School Board, District 5 in the upcoming election on Aug. 4, 2022.

The son of a teacher and a social worker, Brad retired from the US Army in 2017 after combat deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and various locations in Africa and other parts of the Middle East. In addition to his work developing local small businesses, Morrow recently graduated with honors from Austin Peay State University for the second time, adding a Masters in Teaching (with a chemistry concentration) to his bachelor degree in public administration.

Brad has been a member of the CMCSS Parent Advisory Council for six years, providing feedback from the public perspective to the Director of Schools and senior CMCSS staff. Mr. Morrow also serves on the board of advisors to the Academy for Academic Excellence (AAE), a small local school that specializes in providing outstanding educational opportunities for children with unique learning challenges. Brad and his wife, Anna, are the proud parents of four daughters (ages 8 through 18) who attend three different CMCSS schools. The Morrow family worships at LifePoint Church.

Morrow will be a voice for parents, as someone who can bridge the gaps among stakeholder perspectives and develop the kind of cooperation that provides the best outcomes for Montgomery County students.

“We have many challenges to address, including classroom discipline, transportation, overcrowding, learning loss from covid, curriculum transparency, and giving greater value to parental input. Meeting these challenges will require hard work and creativity, but more than anything else, it will require cooperation and a partnership mentality among the members of the board, the CMCSS administration, and the County Commission, along with the parents and children we are all here to serve. My opponent has been on the school board for nearly twenty years. I commend that level of commitment to serve our community, but my opponent has no children or even grandchildren in our school system. I have skin in the game. Three of my four children are current CMCSS students. Also, in contrast to my opponent, I firmly believe that the elected members of the school board should represent the interest of the children as expressed by their parents. I pledge to be that voice.”

School Board District 5 encompasses county commission districts 13, 14, and 17, and includes Kenwood HS, Northeast HS, Northwest HS, Rossview HS, and West Creek HS.

For more information, contact the Mr. Morrow directly at

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