voter march

With local and national elections quickly approaching, the dutiful task of voting has come to the forefront of many Americans' minds. On Saturday, July 18, the idea will be marched through Clarksville as a reminder to all its citizens just how important it is.

Event organizer Shedrich Webster emphasized exactly that while discussing the walk.

“It is much easier to get a pothole filled on Poston Street than it is on 101st or Interstate 24 because of the locality to the issue,” he said. “We can have an immediate impact on the culture of CMCSS so that our students have a high quality education even if our state education system ranks in the bottom 5 to 10 of the country.”

He also quoted former United States Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil stated that “all elections are local.”

The event is scheduled for Saturday beginning at 8 a.m. beginning at 1485 Madison St. The route will last approximately half a mile and end at the election commission. All Montgomery County residents are welcome and are encouraged to bring state IDs.

The march hopes to carry dialogue surrounding multiple conversations both nationwide and Clarksville-specific.

“While we march we believe that several conversations will take place about a multitude of issues,” Webster said. “Of course the national conversation surrounds police reform, racism, voter suppression and the national response to the COVID-19 crisis.  Locally, there needs to be discussions surrounding those issues, gun violence, diversity in government, future city development and the inclusion of all constituents, the impact of future development on the environment, contracting and jobs related to the MPEC, community youth development and building/location of a new community center.

“If you aren't inspired one way or the other by recent demonstrations you must be under the influence.  Be it armed protesters storming state capitols to force the reopening of the economy or peaceful protesters looking for the arrest of officers who have killed unarmed citizens; we must all be moved to action.”

Their goal is to break a record and bring 1,500 voters to the march. With that many people, they are encouraging the use of masks and social distancing, though they will not be enforced. 

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