The U.S. Army recently awarded Austin Peay State University’s ROTC programs the MacArthur Award, which recognizes the eight best ROTC programs in the country.

The MacArthur Award recognizes the eight schools, selected from among the 274 ROTC units nationwide, as the top programs in the country. This marks the eighth time the Austin Peay program earned the award in the last 26 years.

“If I have learned anything after serving the college for 23 plus years, it’s that the Army, and combat in general, is the ultimate team sport,” said Col. Brent Clemmer, commander of the 7th Brigade of the U.S. Army Cadet Command. “No single service can achieve victory by itself.”

The awards, presented by U.S. Army Cadet Command and the Gen. Douglas MacArthur Foundation, recognize the ideals of “duty, honor and country” as advocated by MacArthur. The award is based on a combination of the achievement of the school’s commissioning mission, its cadets’ performance and standing on the command’s National Order of Merit List and its cadet retention rate.

Austin Peay’s ROTC program is the top program in the brigade of five states – Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan – with 38 schools in 2018-19. The schools include Vanderbilt University, University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, Ohio State University, Notre Dame, University of Indiana and University of Michigan.

“This streamer that was put on the colors of the APSU ROTC program is proof that this is, in fact, a team sport,” Clemmer said. “The secret to success is cooperation and teamwork and not going at it alone.”

U.S. Army Cadet Command also recognized retired Lt. Col. Greg Lane’s achievements as a distinguished ROTC alumnus during the ceremony by awarding him the ROTC Hall of Fame certificate.

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