Hearts sunk across Clarksville last Monday night after hometown girl Emmalee was eliminated in the battle rounds of NBC’s singing show “The Voice.”

Emmalee was paired with Nashville contestant Kelsie Watts to perform Demi Lovato’s song, “I Love Me.”

Emmalee’s voice was golden to match her stunning outfit – a gold-sequin bodice, covered with a camel-colored jacket, complete with a long, flowing pleated skirt and coordinating hat and earrings.

Both contestants were members of Team Kelly Clarkson in the battle rounds, which were created to dwindle down the number of contestants on each team.

Following the Nov. 16 performance, Emmalee’s Facebook page lit up with encouragement from fans, with “The Voice” contestant writing about her “incredible experience” on the program.

“I’m thankful for every single one of you who tuned in to cheer me on and who have been cheering me on for years,” Emmalee said on Facebook. “God has a long road ahead for me. He’s taught me so much through this experience, and this is a page in His story.”

Emmalee said it was a blessing to work with Watts and even formed a special friendship with her.

“There’s nothing like singing with another woman and encouraging one another instead of feeling like we have to compete,” Emmalee said. “What a song, what a battle, what a partner. So blessed.”

The program did not air the full performance between the competitors last Monday night, but Emmalee hinted it might be able to be viewed on social media in the future.

“New music is in the works, and there will be so many single releases that I can’t wait to share with y’all,” she said.

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