THE VOICE -- Season: 19 -- Contestant Gallery -- Pictured: Emmalee -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Singer Emmalee, 20, from Clarksville made a spot on Team Kelly Clarkson in her audition televised on NBC’s season 19 of “The Voice” competition.

In the blind auditions, Emmalee belted out a sultry version of “How Will I Know” by the late Whitney Houston.

The program featured video of when Emmalee was young and had recent footage of her walking through the streets of downtown Clarksville and on the public square.

In an email, Emmalee said it was an incredibly special opportunity to perform on “The Voice” stage, especially during a pandemic.

“It’s such a blessing, and I’m so excited to see what happens next because of this opportunity,” Emmalee said.

Both Clarkson and John Legend tried to woo Emmalee to their teams, both complimenting the tone of her voice, but it was Clarkson’s comments that won over Emmalee’s decision for the coach.

“The biggest takeaway I got from Kelly’s coaching was the affirmation that I am a unique artist,” Emmalee said. “I’m excited that she wants to continue to hear how I create my own versions of songs. She really helped boost my confidence in that area.”

Clarkson was relatable, since she too participated in a reality TV talent competition, according to Emmalee.

“Yes, she was very relatable,” Emmalee said. “She was always quick to validate how talented I am. I know that no matter what, the show is a jumping point for my career, elimination or not.”

Emmalee said on the program she has always loved singing and her commutes to Nashville to perform.

In addition to performing, Emmalee told Main Street Clarksville she loves to write songs.

“I am a singer-songwriter at heart,” Emmalee said. “It's my desire to write songs that have a positive message and that will impact people. My desire is to always have something meaningful to say. I write about what’s real to me, including my faith. Additionally, I would love to continue to collaborate with other writers when it makes sense creatively.”

As Emmalee continues to build her fan base, she is grateful for the fans in Clarksville.

“I’m so thankful for my friends, family and followers here in Clarksville who have watched me grow and who are just now joining the journey,” Emmalee said.

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