Josten Milam

Josten Milam

A Clarksville woman was charged with selling drugs from the home shared with her two young children.

Her toddler, removed from the home, tested positive for methamphetamines, according to court records.

On Dec. 4, 19th Judicial District Drug Task Force agents charged Josten Michelle Milam, 27, for drugs and child abuse and neglect after serving her with a search warrant at her home.

Milam was arrested, and her children removed from the home by the Department of Children’s Services after investigators described the living conditions as “unbearable.”

Authorities said the children, 2 and 4, lived in the home where dog feces and urine were discovered, including inside of the children’s beds that were on the floor.

Trash and narcotics needles were also in the house, with some of the needles on the floor and uncapped, according to the affidavit.

“There was a lack of food and fresh water also noticed in the house,” the affidavit said.

Investigators said Milam’s home is a little more than 500 feet from Minglewood Elementary School, which makes her in danger of violating Tennessee's Drug-Free School Zone Act, enhancing the penalties against her, if she’s convicted.

In the home on South Jordan Drive, drug task force agents reported finding a pink powder substance in a small tin container in a larger box on the bed.

“Also located in that bedroom was a .9mm Beretta handgun,” the affidavit said. “It had a loaded magazine in it.”

Agents said they found a scale, with pink and white residue on it, several needless spread throughout the room and small baggies that contained residue on them.

Milam reportedly told agents she sold the narcotics in an attempt to raise money to bail out her boyfriend out of jail.

Milam faces charges of selling drugs, manufacturing, delivering and using them; a meth violation, possession of a firearm, violation of being in a drug-free school zone and unlawful drug paraphernalia possession.

For the children, Milam faces two counts of child abuse and neglect charges.

Milam’s case was bound over to a grand jury.

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