Commission elects Randy Allbert to fill term of the late Commissioner Arnold Hodges

Newly elected Montgomery County Commissioner Randy Allbert and Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett pose following a June 14 meeting.

The Montgomery County Commission elected Randy Allbert to fill the unexpired term of the late Commissioner Arnold Hodges, who represented District 6.

Hodges died in April following a battle with leukemia.

On June 14, the commission voted for Allbert, who was among four other contenders, including Clayton Rudder, Michael Lankford, Devin Daley and Jerry Wayman.

It took five rounds in the narrowing of candidates, as the commission needed at least 11 votes to elect a new commissioner.

On the fifth and final round, commissioners chose Allbert over Daley 13-5.

The 13 votes in favor of Allbert were from commissioners Ricky Ray, Rashidah Leverett, Tangi Smith, James Lewis, Joe Creek, Lisa Prichard, Walker Woodruff, David Harper, Loretta Bryant, Chris Rasnic, Garland Johnson, Jerry Allbert and Larry Rocconi.

The six votes for Daley came from commissioners John Gannon, Charles Keene, Joe Smith, Carmelle Chandler, Joshua Beal and Jason Knight.

Commissioner Brandon Butts was absent.

Commissioner Jerry Allbert said Randy Allbert is his nephew.

Randy Allbert owns the Pebble Brook Golf Course in Coopertown and the Eastland Green Golf Course in Montgomery County. His family’s company has built many homes in the county.

Allbert raises cattle in the Cunningham area, which makes up District 6. He and his wife, Vicki Allbert, have three daughters and five grandchildren.

Allbert said Hodges was a good friend of his who talked often with Allbert about items facing Montgomery County.

He said his family have lived on the southside of the Cumberland River in Montgomery County for more than 50 years.

With his business experience in Montgomery County, Allbert said he knows what is needed.

“I’m honored to be here before you to ask for your vote tonight,” he told commissioners during the meeting. “We need to be united not only for this community, but for the whole county…I’m going to try my best to help this county.”

Allbert was sworn into office June 15.