Sharon's Family Day Care Food Service

109 Little John Place   | 98


S & A New York Pizza Depot

1991 Fort Campbell Blvd.  | 86

Observations and Corrective Actions

Paper towels missing at rest room hand sinks. COS. Shell eggs stored above RTE foods in white unit. COS. Tcs foods moved from white fridge to working unit. Second inspection with item 20 will receive second notice. Unclean oven mitts store on shelving over prep area. Missing drain board on 3/comp. Ceiling over prep, not clean, floors with flour build up, and walls in bad repair behind prep. Second notice for repeat item 20 and 8. Food allergens, Hep. A, and norovirus fact sheets discussed.


Mr. Billy's Bar and Grill

557 Dover Road  | 98


PJ's NY City Dogs Mobile Unit

1188 Mont Drive  | 100


Delectable Sweets

397 Tiny Town Road  | 100


Golly G Enterprises, LLC

215 Legion St.  | 97


Shiloh Barbecue

3349 Hwy 13 Cumberland Furnace  | 100


L&L Pizza

2775 Hwy 13 Palmyra  | 100


Upstairs at Strawberry Alley

103 Strawberry Alley  | 99



107 Franklin St.  | 94


Arirang Lounge

2647 Fort Campbell Blvd. | 97


Arby's Roast Beef No. 8171

3930 Trenton Road | 100


Blazin’ Soul Food Mobile

2623 Denver Ct.  | 99


Brutha's BBQ

926 Roedeer Drive | 98


Super 8 Continental Breakfast

635 Hunt Co. Drive  | 99


Day's Inn Continental Breakfast

1100 Hwy 76  | 100


Big City Barbecue Mobile Unit No. 102

1521 New Ashland City Road No. 102 | 99


Reggie's BBQ

3863 B Trenton Road  | 99


Mikeys Munchies

404 Silver Drive  | 100


McDonalds No. No.  and crab salad. Embargoed 7 pounds. WD40 stored above back food prep table where noodles were being rehydrated.

Containers of ingredients in hibachi area are not labeled. Employee drink stored in same cooler beside sushi items. Observed dishwasher wet stacking pans after washing in three comp. sink. Inside of icemaker needs cleaned. Prep counters, handles, pump on soap dispenser were unclean. No hot water available at hand sinks in kitchen or sushi area. Ceilings and walls not clean in kitchen area. Vents dusty, ceiling tiles stained. Several foods embargoed. 33-40 pounds of food. Many second times for critical items. Many third times. Permit revocation and letters will be ordered.


Guest House Inn Food

3080 Clay Lewis Road  | 98


Starlite Restaurant & Lounge

1304 Fort Campbell Blvd.  | 100


Yellowtail Robata Grill & Sushi

2509 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.  | 99


Tennessee Valley Brewing Company

2088 Lowes Drive | 100


Shogun Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

120 Morris Road  | 97


Storming Crab

2135 Lowes Drive  | 97


Domino's Pizza No. 1490

2609 Ft Campbell Blvd.  | 96


Starbucks Coffee Co. No. 23399

1674 Fort Campbell Blvd.  | 100


Olive Garden Bar No. 1343

2782 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.  | 100


Little Caesar's Pizza

1636 Fort Campbell Blvd.  | 100


Sonic Drive-In

3829 Trenton Road  | 99


Lacour's Care Food Service

3311 Greenspoint Drive  | 99



2815 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.  | 94


Pancho Villa Aux. Bar No. 2

894 Hwy. 76, Suite 106  | 100


New Providence Methodist Day Care

1317 Ft Campbell Blvd.  | 100


Lit Nutrition

2463 Fort Campbell Blvd.  | 99


Texas Roadhouse

2702 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.  | 100


Pancho Villa Bar

894 Hwy 76  | 100


Pancho Villa restaurant 

894 Hwy 76    | 71

Observations and Corrective Actions

No employee health policy available for employees. Manager had to call head manager and give me the phone in order for him to tell me what symptoms employees cannot work with. No employees at facility knew of symptoms or how long they couldn’t work. Observed employee that was washing dishes handling his phone texting then returning to work without washing his hands. Back hand sink closest to the WIC did not have soap at the time of inspection. PIC replaced the soap during inspection. Raw chicken was stored above raw beef in RIC beside grill. COS by moving to bottom of cooler. When draining the dish machine it will over flow the drain and run it back into the floor. Tested by draining soapy water from three comp and it also caused the drain to over flow and run to central floor drain which then started backing up and draining slowly. Closed the establishment. Plumber was called. Prep line cooler pico was at 46 degrees, cooked beef in bottom at 52, beef and veggies at 47. Embargoed items and moved all TCS foods to WIC. Instructed PIC to get it fixed. Third inspection with cold holding violation. Permit revocation will start.

Several items in coolers had not been date marked from yesterday morning. Education was provided of proper date marking requirements and educational sheets will be sent. Second notice letter will be ordered. Bulk containers of seasoning not labeled in stock room. Employee drink was stored on rack above food items. Floor in dish area of kitchen is in poor condition. Tested dish machine and noticed when wash water drained that the drain was overfilling and causing it to run out into the central floor drain. Drained the three-comp sink to test the drain for it and it also backed up to central floor drain which then stopped up and drained slowly. Informed PIC of this and told him that he was closed until this was corrected. Facility closed at 1:10 p.m.


Le Cafe de Paris LLC

100 Strawberry Alley  | 100


Chris' Pizza Village

3383 41-A S.  | 100


Wood Shed Diner

1119 E. College St.  | 98


Tot Stop Child Care-Food

301 Burch Street  | 100


Metha's Kitchen

1344 College St.  | 99



Pea Patch Kitchen

535 Franklin St.  | 97


Olive Garden No. 1343

2782 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.  | 99


American Legion Post 143

223 N 9th St.  | 98



1348 Ft Campbell Blvd.  | 95


Rookies Bar

1348 Fort Campbell Blvd.  | 95


Elks Lodge No. 457

1165 Franklin St.  | 97


Rice Box Tn Inc.

1758 Highway 48 | 87

Observations and Corrective Actions

Observed employees using their phones then going back to cooking without washing hands. COS by providing education of proper hand-washing times and procedures. Several hand sinks missing soap or paper towels. COS by placing soap and paper towels at all sinks. Incorrect storage of raw meats in cooler. Chicken above beef and beef above produce items. COS by moving all items to a correct storage manner. Wiping cloths out on surfaces not in sanitizer. Several scoops in raw chicken or in other ingredients left with handles in food items.


Nine Dragons

2141 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.| 94


Quality Inn Breakfast

700 Sango Road | 99


Tender Times

214 Longwood Ln | 100


Keondra's Lounge

1044 Franklin St. | 96


Lee's Lounge-Aux Bar

2481 Fort Campbell Blvd. | 100


Jeanette's Child Care -Food

1034 Angela Drive | 98


Baymont Inn Continental Breakfast

1112 Hwy 76 | 99


Becky's Country Cafe

1477 Dover Road | 59

Observations & Corrective Actions

Person in charge did not demonstrate knowledge of priority items during inspection. No employee health policy available. Observed washing hands in 3/comp sink. Kitchen hand sinks missing hand washing reminder signs. Smoked sausage from unidentified source. No wrapper. Person in charge didn’t know.

Utensils not being sanitized. Pots. 3/comp sink sanitizer set up during inspection.

Cooling TCS foods at room temperature. Soup in unit unknown time 46 degrees. PIC not knowledgeable of requirements or food prep time. No date marking on prepared foods that are not used in 24 hours. Spray bottles not labeled under 3/comp. sink

Drink ice stored in undrained container. Foods uncovered in freezers. Wet wiping cloths left by front hand sink and used on prep and dining areas. Provide bleach buckets. Storing unclean utensils with clean on storage rack in dish area. Fan cover in dish area not clean. Require food safety training for person in charge. Discussed norovirus fact sheets.


China King Restaurant Inc

2088 Lowes Drive | 98


Roma Pizza

3441 Fort Campbell Blvd.| 95


El Bracero

112 Morris Road | 96


Woody’s Pizza 

1477 Dover Road | 76

Observations and Corrective Actions

Employee wiped gloved hands on pants then handling foods and clean utensils without washing hands or changing out gloves. Employees not washing hands between glove changes. Education provided during inspection. 2nd inspection with this item noted. Bar hand sink and rest room sinks missing hand washing reminder signs. Can opener not clean. Prep counters not clean. All foods 44 to 47 in lower part of prep unit. Pizza sauce stored at room temp. Maintain 41 degrees or provide time as a public health control policy. No date marking observed on foods prepared or put in bulk containers. Pizza sauce, sliced meats, etc. Uncovered dough in WIC. Coats stored by slicer station. Wet wiping cloths stored on counter. No sanitizer in wiping buckets. Provide chlorine test strips. No drain boards on dish machine. Cooler handles, cooler shelving not in kitchen. Can opener holder not clean. Paper dispensers missing in restroom. One restroom out of order. Walls in bad repair in kitchen and restrooms. 2017 inspection posted. Discussed norovirus fact sheet.

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