The Clarksville-Montgomery County community jumped in to assist the people of Waverly following the devastating Middle Tennessee flooding over the weekend.

In addition to lives being lost and people missing, vehicles and homes were lifted from the ground in the rushing waters during the storms.

Deputies and K9 with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office were able to provide mutual aid with search and rescue efforts in Waverly and Humphreys County.

The Clarksville Street Department sent crews out on Monday to Waverly and its surrounding areas to assist with debris clearing and other cleanup efforts.

On Saturday, August 21, Clarksville Fire Rescue’s Swift Water Team and airboat traveled to Waverly to assist in rescues.

CFR deployed seven personnel, including Chief Freddie Montgomery and Deputy Chief Steve Batten.

Due to the early onslaught of help during the quickly changing conditions, the crews began its focus on assisting surrounding agencies to locate victims and clear structures, according to Chief Montgomery.

“The team was able to see first-hand the first responder network and to assist in any way we could,” Montgomery said. “We remain ready to assist and have been added to a resource list for the Incident Commander to use as needed.”

Waverly has seen tragedy before

Waverly is no stranger to tragedy.

It was Feb. 22, 1978 when 23 cars of a Louisville Nashville Railroad Company train derailed at a switching point in the city.

Two days later, one of two tank cars, containing liquefied petroleum gas, ruptured, resulting in a massive explosion, killing 16 people and injuring more than 40 others.

The deaths included the town’s police chief and fire chief.

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