Montgomery County Director of Schools threatened, bullied over athletic shutdown


Clarksville-Montgomery County Director of Schools Millard House announced he’s been receiving threats for the decision to hold June sports practices virtually as opposed to in-person workouts.

During the June 9 Clarksville-Montgomery County School System’s (CMCSS) meeting of the Board of Education, House said the threats have come in different forms.

“Unfortunately, I encountered by first social media troll this past weekend,” House said. “Also, a threatening communication at my home mailbox and a recent bullyish attempt to discredit me personally and to do harm to my professional career.

“This is something that has concerned my wife and (me). We’ve had conversations with our children in terms of what (the threats) looks like, and what it means.”

House said the pandemic is taking the district through uncharted waters and that he would like to get back to normalcy.

“We are definitely working toward that,” House said. “CMCSS values athletics and other activities that provide a vast number of benefits to our students.”

The Tuesday board meeting was again held virtually due to concerns for the coronavirus.

House said a large contingency of individuals was on the call that night, all having concerns about the decision to move forward with virtual athletics as a first step.

“The district has determined that the safest course of action at this time is to encourage our coaches to connect with student athletes virtually to provide a robust experience as possible,” House said. “We believe that connecting virtually can accomplish many, not all, of the benefits without risking exposure to our students.”

House said that as fall sports draw closer and the need for athletes to condition weight training increases, the district is working with TSSAA and CMCSS’s athletic directors to seek solutions to the problems that the pandemic has created.

“We’re continuously reviewing the situation as we look to make decisions about these activities moving forward in July,” he said. “I want everybody on the call to know that I’m not working against you. I’m not working against your children. This has been a heavy weight and we’re going to get there.”

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