Scoop Clarksville owner arrested, facing theft charge


Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies charged Scoop Media Group owner Jason Steen with theft of service Feb. 25.

An affidavit said Steen, 41, hired Alpha Moving and Storage to move his belongings from one address to another Dec. 19 for $720, but Robert Wilson, the company’s owner, said Steen never paid for the service.

Steen said he didn’t pay the movers because he’s yet to receive an appropriate bill for the work rendered.

“This is 100% a civil matter,” Steen said. “[It’s] a dispute over services billed by a moving company that didn’t complete the job, and we still haven’t settled on a proper bill. They charged me for a truck and fuel when they did a down-the-street move. The new and old place are 200 feet apart]. No trucks were involved. They walked it.”

Wilson told authorities he attempted to contact Steen on several occasions for the payment to no avail.

Steen recently operated a podcast program and Facebook page entitled Scoop Clarksville, which is no longer in operation.

Steen was booked in at the Montgomery County Jail and released last week.

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