One item that COVID-19 wasn;t able to get rid of is coffee.

Though quarantined or working remotely people in Montgomery County seem to have kept up their desire for espresso and caffeine, which benefitted a small Clarksville coffee business.

Founding Frothers Coffee, a new coffee shop, is preparing to expand this month to 124 Strawberry Alley, just above the rear patio of Kimo’s Hawaiian Bar and Grill.

The business began operating a coffee trailer amidst the COVID-19 pandemic on post at Fort Campbell in June and apparently was well received.

The mobile coffee bar was popular among area coffee lovers, as the trailer has made pop-up appearances at places such as downtown Clarksville’s farmers market, the Commons Christmas Market and several church functions with its catering offerings.

Owners Leeanna and Tristan Woodall moved to Clarksville in 2019 from Pensacola, Florida. Tristan Woodall is a soldier at Fort Campbell.

The Woodalls said once they gained a following with the coffee trailer, they decided to expand their business into the new shop in downtown Clarksville.

The naming of the coffee business came as a result of the melding of two of their loves, coffee and American history, according to Leeanna Woodall, who will oversee the day-to-day operations at the new coffee shop.

“My husband’s degree in history,” Woodall said. “He’s a total American history buff, and we both love all things old and all things old Americana. So, we thought we would tie the name of the coffee shop in with that and we came up with Founding Frothers.”

Founding Frothers Coffee buys its product from Bongo Java Roasting Co. in Nashville, which is roasted 100% organic and fair-trade coffee.

“We use a light roast blend for espresso,” Woodall said. “The flavor of the coffee itself is not too strong, but you do get the most caffeine possible with it being a light roast.”

She said the more a coffee bean is roasted, the more the caffeine gets cooked out of it.

On the menu are the usuals – espresso shots, lattes and macchiatos – but Woodall said one of their most requested drinks is a Red Bull blast, which is enhanced with raspberry, coconut, lime and pineapple variations.

“My favorite one is the pineapple-coconut, blended up with ice and blended with a little bit of cream,” Woodall said. “It’s like a creamy, Italian soda.”

The shop will also offer flavored lemonades.

Steamers will provide children hot chocolate and espresso-free lattes, prepared with steamed milk.

Watch for the Founding Frothers Coffee specials throughout the week, with a flavor special of the month, featuring a theme that will be tied to a founding father in American history.

This month’s founding father is President James Monroe, who is featured on each sleeve distributed, which names five different facts, one on each sleeve, of the nation’s fifth president.

Woodall said the mobile trailer will continue to operate weekdays at Fort Campbell and at area events on the weekends.

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