From its modest beginning 50 years ago, Tabernacle Church has since come to be known as one of the fastest-growing churches in America.

Through the years, the church has repeatedly outgrown its meeting spaces, and last year it ranked 57th on Outreach magazine’s annual list of fastest-growing churches in the country.

The Tabernacle Church started in Indian Mound in 1970 with a group of 14 members and had continued attendance growth until it burst at the seams with more than 1,000 in attendance each week at the location on Garrettsburg Road. Last year, the church moved its Clarksville services to Northwest High School and broke ground on a new addition to get ahead of its steadily increasing congregation.

The Tabernacle Church was recognized as the most diverse church in the area and was also voted best worship experience in the 2020 Main Street Clarksville Awards poll. When all that is taken into consideration, it was only fitting the new space and the new church should receive a new name. The Tabernacle was renamed Mosaic Church, and it’s fitting for the diverse congregation it’s assembled in the past 50 years.

The former church building was about 13,000 square feet and was transformed into the new children’s ministry wing. The old sanctuary is currently the youth room. The old church building is dwarfed in size by the new 65,000-square-feet multipurpose space, which includes a spacious 1,200-seat auditorium, a full-service kitchen and a café. Staff offices were also moved from the Stewart County location.    

Great thought went into the smallest of details when it came to remodeling the old building and creating the new addition.

“The main point was that we tried to make our spaces really versatile,” said operations director Joe Mendes. “We really took a lot of time to consider flow, growth and ease of use so that we could turn nearly every room into a multi-purpose room.”

Mosaic Church wasn’t satisfied with just adding a new coat of paint to the previous building. Walls were knocked down and the entire space was rebuilt to increase functionality and flexibility. The youth room can be used as a small chapel for weddings or funerals. The onsite kitchen in the new addition is equipped to help turn the vast auditorium into a banquet hall.

The auditorium is the first of its kind to be acoustically treated with special sound panels that handle all frequencies, which results in a rich sound quality. After hearing about the new auditorium, one visitor said he wanted to visit just to experience how the room sounded. 

For all the grandeur and wide-open spaces, one element remained the highest priority. Mosaic Church wants to be a church where people can come and experience God. The worship experience is a place where Mosaic Church shines.

The worship music is typically a mix of contemporary Christian music like Bethel Music or Hillsong Worship. The beauty of Mosaic worship is that, while there is a song set they have prepared to play, plenty of time and space is given for impromptu worship from the worship team and guests alike.

The auditorium may look overwhelming to some, but once worship begins and the lights dim, the room feels more intimate. Some people lift their hands or bow their heads. Some sway gently back and forth, some move to the aisles to dance. Some remain in their seats. There is plenty of room for people to experience God in their own way.   

COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing guidelines remain in place, and Mosaic Church has taken all of that into consideration. First-time guests are ushered into a special entrance and greeted by their own guide and shown VIP treatment. The welcome desk provides colorful stickers with words and pictures to make it easy for all guests to communicate their level of social interaction comfort, like “social distancing” or “hugger” without saying a word.

“It is a growing friendly diverse community, the most diverse in Clarksville,” said Next Steps Pastor Aron Marberry of Mosaic’s plans. “We built with growth in mind, and we are excited to continue to reach more people, and we have plenty of space to do it. … As we grow, we are able to do even more and make a bigger impact.”

The sea of faces congregating at Mosaic Church is made up of varying ages, races, genders and life stages. This striking cross-section of cultures coming together as one body to worship and hear the word proves Mosaic was the perfect name for the church.

Mosaic Church has Sunday services at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. at 1020 Garrettsburg Road. Children’s ministry for children from birth through fifth-grade students meets during church services. Middle and high school students meet Wednesdays at 6 p.m. For more information about Mosaic Church, visit or call 931-542-2025.

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