Urban Ministries plans Oct. 28 food distribution

All of the boxes are going to have canned goods, peanut butter, rice and potatoes with fresh meats are added just prior to distribution. 

Urban Ministries is continuing its distributing food on a monthly basis now, instead of weekly, assisting the homeless, families in need and helping people who are having a tough time making ends meet during the pandemic.

The next three dates of drive-up distributions are set for the Wednesdays of, Oct. 28, Nov. 18 and Dec. 16, according to Deborah Ashcraft, who oversees the Grace Assistance Program. 

“We have been doing weekly food distributions since COVID-19 struck,” Ashcraft said. “We began doing it when many places shut down and there was a huge food-insecurity here in Clarksville. There was a shortage of some foods in the stores.”

Now that the food-insecurity has improved, Ashcraft said several of Urban Ministries’ partners and Second Harvest representatives feel it’s time to adjust to a once-a-month distribution.

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, the free distributions of food will once again become available to Montgomery County residents. Folks who live on post at Fort Campbell are also eligible.

Yaipaks will be located in the parking lot distributing baby supplies.

The distribution takes place in the rear parking lot of the United Methodist Church on Madison Street, from 2 – 7 p.m.

All of the boxes are pre-packaged, however, fresh products such as meats, milk and bread are added once they are provided by Second Harvest.

“All of the boxes are going to have peanut butter, rice, potatoes,” Ashcraft said. “But the fresh meats are added just prior to distribution.”

Some of the meats could include hamburger, roast, chicken or a pork tenderloin, she said.

When the clients arrive in the drive-thru for their free food, volunteers bring the boxes of goods to them.

“We put the food in their trunk or back seat and then they are on their way,” Ashcraft said.

The process is a smooth one that couldn’t be done without the efforts of people assisting, according to Ashcraft.

Volunteers welcomed

“With the holidays approaching, I realize there will be a lot of people who might be doing other things, so we could always use more volunteers,” Ashcraft said. “They might not be able to lift, but they could help us with other tasks. There are always volunteer opportunities available.”

If you would like to help, visit Clarksville Urban Ministries on Facebook for more information. Or, call: (931) 648-9090.

Donation items needed

Canned meats, pasta, spaghetti sauce, box potatoes, canned fruit, macaroni and cheese, pop-top foods peanut butter, cereals, pop tarts, pancake mix/syrup, new blankets, new pillows, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items.

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