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Some in our country are simply not satisfied with one act of destruction, they strive to destroy whatever, and whenever, the opportunity presents itself. It is a political game of chicken we are playing, and many believe parts of society are headed toward destruction.

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Four years ago, an investigative journalist in Nashville examined the cash grants and tax breaks given to companies as part of the state’s economic development deals to create jobs.

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The girls in 17-year-old Eva’s high school class use Instagram metrics as a measure of popularity. Their relationship with Instagram is more than typical teen self-discovery; it is parasitic. They obsess over online status symbols like follower counts, “likes,” and inclusion in viral trends featuring “thinspiration” and filter-perfect faces. Eva described this toxic dynamic in a recent Wall Street Journal expose, saying, “Every time I feel good about myself, I go over to Instagram, and then it all goes away.”

President Biden hasn’t hesitated in boasting about the supposedly “historic middle-class tax cut” making its way through the halls of Congress. But, his speeches delivered behind teleprompters hide the inconvenient reality of the “historic” agenda.

Those of you who are old enough might remember the original 1970’s Crying Indian PSA, produced by Keep America Beautiful. It graphically portrayed what we have done to our beautiful country. Later on, in 1976, a PSA featuring Tennessee Trash aired. It depicted an old junky convertible and a …

America is a country in crisis. Democrats have yet again forced their unwilling cash cow — the American people — to foot the bill for their radical tax-and-spend agenda. But hidden behind a facade of “green” energy and “free” benefits lie more dangerous intentions. Democrats are using these …

As Tennessee’s treasurer, I am responsible for managing the state’s financial resources and serving Tennesseans as a leader in public financial stewardship. The Tennessee Department of Treasury administers services that vary from college savings, to claims against the state, to the state’s r…

Caprigio’s Pizza is a family owned restaurant that is quickly becoming the premier pizzeria in Clarksville. The heart of this business beats with owner and chef Ilona Rivera, whose love of cooking and standard of service has propelled the local eatery to be one of the top spots to get fresh-…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s federal eviction moratorium will expire on July 31. According to The National Equity Atlas, approximately 167,000 households in Tennessee are behind on rent right now and at risk of eviction. If you are a renter, now is the time to ensure that you are aware of your rights, options, and the eviction process.

It looks like another week of high temperatures well into the 90s and heat indexes of more than 100 degrees at times, with the driest weather coming for the middle portion of the week, and then rain chances are expected to go back up to 40% by the weekend.

The chance of rain will decrease just a bit this weekend, but there will continue to be a chance of daily scattered pop-up storms, and the temperatures will warm up and hit 90 on some days, but I do not see any major changes yet.

I moved to Clarksville before moving to Clarksville was cool. A few years before the Money Magazine article declared Clarksville “the Best Place to Live,” I was medically retired from the Army and could’ve moved anywhere in the United States.

It’s undeniable small business is the backbone of this great nation. And it ought to remain that way. After all, there are 31.7 million small businesses currently operating and employing nearly half of the U.S. workforce.