Steve Norris

Most of Tennessee continues to be locked into a bitterly cold winter pattern for the rest of the week ahead.

We’ve had snow, ice and cold like we have not seen in years. Two-thirds of the United States was affected by winter storms this week with the coldest weather in more than 100 years in parts of Oklahoma and Texas.

When you get the Arctic air mass on the ground but then have warmer air just above the ground, you get freezing rain like parts of Tennessee experienced Sunday and Monday.

I finally see a little light at the end of the tunnel with temperatures expected to reach the 40s by the weekend. I expect 50s to return for the week of March 22-27.

More winter weather is expected in March; however, later in the month, we expect to get some much warmer temperatures, and the threat of thunderstorms will begin to increase.

Next week, I'll have a complete review on this week's winter storms in the Volunteer State.

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