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To the editor:

As a County Commissioner since August 2014, one of the most important functions when you serve in local elected office is to listen to the people that you serve. There are various ways that you can utilize to do that, i.e. social media, local public meetings and forums. I have utilized email and my cell phone as well to communicate with those I serve.

One of the methods that we utilize at the County Commission is the ability for any citizen to speak to the Commission about any subject matter at our meetings whether it is on our agenda or not. We do limit the time that any speaker has but I do appreciate the opportunity that our citizens have and many times I have learned or had an awareness created by speakers that has prompted me to action.

I would respectfully request that the Clarksville Montgomery County School Board consider altering their present policy to allow the same kind of access. We may not agree on all solutions in our community but allowing our citizens to give greater input at school board meetings would be a step in the right direction and one that is sorely needed.

David L. Harper

County Commissioner, District 15

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