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To the Editor:

As a licensed professional engineer with more than 14 years of experience in the private sector and with the Clarksville Street Department, Jeff Bryant has the technical knowledge and experience necessary to fulfill the duties of Montgomery County highway supervisor. 

Every day, Jeff addresses important issues related to roadway design and maintenance, traffic patterns, zoning and storm water. Jeff has a thorough understanding of these issues and recognizes the major impact they have on the continuing growth of Montgomery County. 

Jeff’s experience further provides him with the knowledge and ability to not only work within a government budget, but also to reduce costs within the highway department through the use of technology and effective planning strategies. 

Jeff is honest, hardworking and deeply committed to making the roadways safe and efficient for the citizens of Montgomery County. The following 23 local engineers are proud to endorse him for Montgomery County highway supervisor.

Chris Fielder, Alex Henry, David Rast, David B. Smith, Grayson Smith, Houston Smith, Cal Burchett, Cal McKay, Billy Ray Suiter, Matt Suiter, Jimmy Bagwel, Clint Head, Dave Hobbs, David Young, Britt Little, Benny Weakley, Vernon Weakley, Edwin W. Neely, Chris Cowan, Jack Frazier, Chris Goodman, Alex Morris and Brian Trotter


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