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To the Editor:

Clarksville City Council Ward 11 residents, when we decide to cast a vote this November, we should make a determined effort to support the person who has the desire to be involved, shows a capacity for understanding issues and most importantly possesses a proven track record of community involvement. We should also educate ourselves about the problems facing the community and then associate them with the candidate who has a proven background of participation and success.

We all understand that one simply cannot make statements about problems and then not have a knowledge and understanding of the issues, along with the associated processes that are required to implement improvements. A quality candidate must be able to clearly communicate their concepts for implementing improvements.

With that said, if you look at the many needs of our Clarksville community, Gary Norris has a proven record of involvement that makes a huge distinction from the others. He has been involved in many issues facing our community for 30-plus years and indisputably understands the processes required to implement change for the better. He has an extensive knowledge of the many needs facing Clarksville. His commitment to Clarksville has been proven many times with his untiring and successful participation in community organizations.

Gary is a man of impeccable character, integrity and leadership and will work diligently to make Clarksville a better community. He will give the time, energy and effort to make sure we have the leadership we deserve.

We must elect Gary Norris to the city council for Ward 11.

Don Shrader


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