Bipartisanship has been hard to come by over the last two years, but one thing my Democratic colleagues and I share is a deep concern about Big Tech’s growing influence. These companies play an outsized role in our economy, in our schools and in our own daily lives, and lately, it has become clear the industry is both incapable of and unwilling to check its worst impulses.

In my roles on the Senate Commerce Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how policymakers should approach the unpredictable and at times dangerous new world that technology is creating for us. As a mom and a grandmom, these issues are at the top of my mind. I had another mom tell me recently, “I once felt that, when I had my kids home, and we had locked the doors, we were safe — that we were safe from the outside world. But the pandemic happened, and I realized we were not. The enemy, the evil, the harm that was wrecking my child’s life — the drug traffickers, the sex traffickers, the pedophiles — they were right in there with us.”

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