Three Clarksville bowlers recently received awards from the Clarksville-Fort Campbell U.S. Bowling Congress Association.

Rodger L. Green Jr. received the Hall of Fame award for Special Service. The Hall of Fame Award for Superior Performance recipient is Chico Aguon. Youth bowler Kaitlyn Hanson was awarded the inaugural $1,000 leadership scholarship.

Hall of Fame awards

As the Special Service award recipient, Green has made significant contributions to the health, growth and enjoyment of the sport of bowling.

Green has been an adult member of the USBC for 25 years and a member of the local association for 20 years. Since the 1990s, Green also has coached youth bowlers and “knows all aspects of the game, with drilling experience, lane machine/pattern knowledge and understanding of the physical game,” according to his nomination letter.

“He brings his marketing expertise to the table, working to acquire donations, sponsorships and giveaways for leagues and tournaments,” said Brenda Green, association president. “He’s been an outstanding advocate for our members and for our sport, giving of his time, energy and even equipment to both new bowlers and old. We appreciate his support and service.”

Among his individual bowling achievements, Green has 15 — 300 sanctioned games to his credit and six — sanctioned 800 series.

Green was a member of the 2003 Clarksville-Fort Campbell City Tournament championship team in the A-division. On April 29, 2002, he bowled on a three-man team setting a Tennessee state record with a 2,287 series.

Green is employed in business development at Schaffhouser in Clarksville.

As the Superior Performance award recipient, Aguon has achieved individual success in, but not limited to, local, state and national tournaments and league play.

A native of Guam, Aguon has been an adult member of USBC for 27 years and has bowled in several leagues in the Clarksville area.

“When we moved back to Clarksville, Tenn., in April 1992, my father bowled in so many leagues at Skyline, Eastgate, Hooper, Gardner and the Pinnacle,” wrote Aguon’s daughter, Carol Merriweather, on the nomination form. “He’s an awesome bowler and dedicated to bowling.”

His highest lifetime book average was 218 in 2016-17’s Sunday Night Fun Bunch league. Aguon’s highest lifetime certified three-game series was an 812 at the 2009 Johnny Norris Classic. He has seven sanctioned 300 games and one sanctioned 800 series and 100 or more sanctioned 700 series.

Aguon won the city tournaments at Eastgate Bowling Center in Clarksville and Hooper Bowling Center at Fort Campbell.

“It seems like everyone in his family bowls, so he’s always at the lanes,” Brenda Green said of Aguon. “It’s great to induct someone who has so many years of experience and who represents our membership so well.”

Aguon is a U.S. Army veteran and civilian employee at Fort Campbell’s Taylor Dental Clinic.

Al Trificano, HOF member and president of the Tennessee state bowling USBC, presented Green and Aguon with crystal bowling pins and jackets.

With these honors, Green and Aguon join 63 bowlers who were grandfathered into the Clarksville-Fort Campbell USBC Hall of Fame.

“Our Hall of Fame is our best way to honor both our top performers and those who have served our association and our membership well over the years,” said Brenda Green. “There are so many people who helped to build our organization over the years, and it’s exciting to be able to expand that list with two of our local legends. These two are the first to be inducted since our men’s, women’s and youth associations merged four years ago.”

Voting was done by Hall of Fame Committee members and three Hall of Fame members. The recommendations from the committee were presented to the local USBC for final approval.

Scholarship recipient

Although the Clarksville-Fort Campbell USBC’s youth leagues and tournaments always include scholarship awards, Hanson is the first recipient of a leadership-based scholarship.

Recipients of the scholarship must be a current member of the association and a member for at least two years and a spring 2020 high school graduate.

A 2020 Rossview High School graduate, Hanson is enrolled as a chemistry major at Austin Peay State University. She is the daughter of Rich and Kristi Hanson.

“As a bowler, Hanson led the Rossview High School team to a second place finish last season. Hanson comes from a bowling family, but more importantly, she works hard to grow the sport and serve our community,” said Brenda Green, youth director. “She has served as a youth director on our board since the age of 16, and is an important part of our youth committee. Hanson helps run tournaments, coaches younger bowlers and has represented our community well at the Junior Gold National Championships three years in a row.”

Hanson served on the Tennessee State USBC Board, competed in the Pinnacle Youth League since August 2014 and worked as league president since August 2018.

As a bowler, Hanson placed second in the Singles Handicap, Girls Division A in the 2019 Tennessee State USBC Youth Championship Tournament. She also received the award for second High Game Scratch, Girls Division A with a 243 pin count.

In her scholarship application essay, Hanson told how bowling has influenced her and what her goals are for college and her future.

“Bowling has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life because of how it has helped me grow into the person that I am today,” Hanson wrote. “I believe that the drive and determination that I have built from bowling will help me achieve my goal to become a pharmacist one day.”

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