Montgomery County had plenty of girls basketball talent in 2019-20. Whether it was a new star budding or a senior playing out her final high school games, talent was abundant in the area. 

While some teams had down years, others thrived. Rossview won yet another District 10-AAA championship under Justin Woods and went to the Region 5-AAA semifinal. With coach Ben Wallace, Northwest had one of their best seasons yet, going to the district title game and also making a run at the region semis. 

Clarksville Academy stole the show, putting up the most illustrious season in program history and completing a turnaround several years in the making behind our two big award winners: guard Sydneey Boykin and coach Carrie Daniels. 

Every player this year was deserving. 

Something to note: every selection is based on coach nominations and all statistics listed were provided by coaches. No players that were not nominated by coaches have been included. There is no particular order by which the players are listed within their respective teams aside from position.

Player of the Year: Sydneey Boykin, Clarksville Academy. 

Coach of the Year: Carrie Daniels, Clarksville Academy.

First Team

Guard: Sydneey Boykin, senior, Clarksville Academy. 15 points/game, 4 rebounds/game, 3.1 steals/game, 3 assists/game, 53% FG, 46% 3pt.

Guard: Cierra Bowser, sophomore, Northeast. 13 points/game, 3.6 rebounds/game, 3.2 steals/game, 2 assists/game.

Guard: Erin Lackey, junior, Clarksville. 11.7 points/game, 5.2 rebounds/game, 2.5 assists/game, 2.2 steals/game.

Wing: Ta’Mia Scott, sophomore, Northwest. 14.2 points/game, 6.5 rebounds/game, 3.8 blocks/game, 2.3 steals/game, 2.2 assists/game.

Forward: Kayla Gilmore, senior, Rossview. 12 points/game, 8 rebounds/game.  

Second Team

Guard: Ever Walker, senior, Rossview. 8 points/game, 2 rebounds/game, 2 assists/game, 2 steals/game.

Guard: Diamond Byrant, junior, Clarksville Academy. 11 points/game, 4.1 rebounds/game, 2.1 steals/game, 1.5 assists/game, 36% 3pt.

Guard: Emiyah Cobb, freshman, Northwest. 8.7 points/game, 4.5 rebounds/game, 3.2 steals/game, 1.9 assists/game.

Forward: Mya Collins, sophomore, Clarksville. 9.3 points/game, 57% FG, 10.4 rebounds/game, 1.6 blocks/game, 1.3 steals/game.

Forward: Madison King, senior, Northwest. 10.4 points/game, 5.5 rebounds/game, 1.2 steals/game, 48.2% FG.

Third Team

Guard: Reagan Fisher, sophomore, Kenwood. 8.8 points/game, 3.1 rebounds/game.

Guard: Courteney Daniels, senior, Rossivew. 9 points/game, 3 rebounds/game, 2 assists/game, 2 steals/game.

Guard: Alexis Wimberly, sophomore, Clarksville. 8.5 points/game, 2.8 rebounds/game, 1.4 steals/game, 1.3 assists/game.

Forward: Makayla Artis, junior, Clarksville Academy. 6 points/game, 7 rebounds/game, 1.3 steals/game, 1.2 assists/game, 46% FG.

Forward: Iyanna Curtis, freshman, Kenwood. 5.9 points/game, 6.5 rebounds/game, 1.3 steals/game.

Honorable mentions: Macy Brown, Clarksville; Zay Freeman, Northwest; Kayla Howell, Northwest; Madisen Hodges, Montgomery Central; Alexis Parkes, West Creek; Vana Pridgen, Clarksville Academy; Jayden Adolphin, Clarksville Academy; Shayanna Vaughn, Kenwood; Dante’sha Brandt, Kenwood. 

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