Big Joe on the go in Clarksville

Main Street Media’s Joe Dubin spoke to the Kiwanis Club of Clarksville on Tuesday, October 5, elaborating on his passion for storytelling.

Sporting a white dress shirt, slightly worn blue jeans, a navy sport coat and a red hanky in his jacket’s pocket to match his bright red tennis shoes, Main Street Media broadcaster and columnist Joe Dubin, nicknamed Big Joe, spoke to Clarksville Kiwanians last week on his life and career as a longtime Middle Tennessee media personality.

After 25 years of working for local TV stations, Dubin, an Emmy Award winning journalist, has joined Main Street Media, an upstart local media company and parent company of Main Street Clarksville.

Dubin will be reporting and producing videos focusing on local news that will be distributed on Main Street Media’s growing streaming platform through Facebook and YouTube.

He will also host podcasts and write columns for Main Street Media’s newspapers and websites.

The former sports anchor/morning show TV personality spoke to the Kiwanis Club of Clarksville on Tuesday, Oct. 5, elaborating on his passion for storytelling.

On the heels of his successful TV career, Dubin, seems to have discovered his niche for sharing personal, heartfelt stories from all aspects of his life.

He’s able to humorously, and sometimes seriously, describe to his readers the strengths of people who attend yard sales; what his late mother’s voice sounded like in victory and defeat; or, the need to begin teaching youngsters in kindergarten how to use their turn signals when they begin to drive.

“There’s a lot of stories of people who live in Middle Tennessee and their stories need to be told,” Dubin said. “I don’t want to see any more COVID stories. I want to see the stories of people coming together.”

Kiwanis member Ron Smithfield said he was moved by Dubin’s story of breaking a belt he had worn to important events in his life.

“His passion and ability to tell positive stories in the midst of negative events, especially about local communities, has led Joe to write for Main Street Media’s publications,” Smithfield said.

It’s the community that seems to be the drive and focus of Dubin’s new career.

“What I’m doing now with the printed word seems to be so much more powerful than what I was doing in TV,” Dubin said. “People want to hold it, see it and have available great, positive stories that they can read.”

On Monday, Dubin began hosting a new local news show called Mornings on Main Street. Airing from 7-8 a.m. on Main Street Media’s YouTube channel and Facebook pages, Mornings on Main Street includes news from across the region. Dubin interviews local personalities and his humorous and popular “Big Joe on the Go” videos are a staple of the show.

In addition, readers can catch Dubin’s weekly column by subscribing to the weekly printed edition at

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