On Thursday, Nov 4, Cla.rksville Mayor Joe Pitts and Councilmember Stacey Streetman presented a certificate of recognition to Stephanie Dollich who, on her bus route, spotted a young runaway boy in October and notified authorities while keeping him safe on her bus.

Dollich works for the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System and drives students to the Tennessee School for the Blind on three days of her work week.

Streetman said the city was very grateful for everything Dollich did for the boy that morning.

Dollich is in her 14th year as a school bus driver. She was given a standing ovation by the city council and the members of the audience.

Urban Ministries recognized

Staff and volunteers from Urban Ministries were also recognized Thursday. Urban Ministries is a mission critical to the community, Pitts said as he introduced the members in attendance.

The women were presented with a proclamation that designated October 2021 as Domestic violence Awareness Month.

Safehouse program director Megan Setter said Urban Ministries is able to help or assist someone who is experiencing domestic abuse.

“If anyone is needing our services, we are available,” Setter said. “We have a 24/7 crisis hotline at 931-552-6900.”

Clarksville Area Urban Ministries is located at 217 S. 3rd Street in Clarksville.

Clarksville Gas & Water Chris Cherry honored

Mark Riggins, general manager of Clarksville Gas & Water, recognized employee Chris Cherry.

The Tennessee Association of Utility Districts selected Cherry for a Patriot Award.

Cherry will manage the new water plant under construction. He currently works at the existing plant, according to Riggins.

“I am blessed as a general manager to having him run this department,” Riggins said. “The whole town owes him a debt of gratitude of what he does every day.”

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